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The Post-Lockdown Invite (The Future of Weddings and Functions Post Lockdown)

Things have changed. Life is nothing as we anticipated this year and the times that we feel extra conscious of the pandemic are on those dates we planned something extensively, be it a vacation or a birthday party or a wedding. Nothing is in person anymore, in fact, I just had a forty-member family Zoom call the other day, wishing my aunt a happy sixtieth birthday through my phone. Who would have imagined a virtual meeting to be acceptable amongst the older generations in 2020? This pandemic has given us a new rule book to play by, so let’s look at what to expect when we celebrate post this lockdown scenario.

  1. The Micro-Wedding Trend

The worldwide impact of COVID-19 in the wedding industry, according to research by Belief Wedding Creators, shows that 30.2% weddings were postponed for later 2020, 15.6% weddings were postponed for 2021 and 6.29% weddings were cancelled. But this pandemic may well be a blessing in disguise for all those couples who dreamt of an intimate wedding, with some thirty people in a cute venue and little fuss. Considering that post-lockdown would still be taken with a pinch of salt, a huge majority of weddings that have been cancelled or postponed are shifting to the micro-wedding trend. More couples find this simple ceremony theme to be relieving after all the stress of perfecting arrangements, to actually focus on the point of the event; wedlock. 

  1. Local and Live Functions

With most family members back in their homes and staying indoors, post lockdown would be a wonderful time to conduct traditional functions with indigenous products and services. Small-scale, native business days are going to be back in full swing, with resplendent, personalised events happening, involving literally everyone. And for those who aren’t home, live broadcasting has seeped into our personal lives now and into events. Well, doesn’t this sound well-balanced and celebratory? From having barely had any personal contact, post lockdown will have us looking forward to attending such functions and enjoying family time all the The Post-Lockdown Sagamore!

  1. Revamped Event Management

With the style of events shifting drastically, post lockdown is bound to see a very unique list of services offered by event management companies. Venues would be preferably open-air and spacious, symbolising a sense of freedom - no longer stuck inside four walls as well as keeping to the new regulations to conduct any event. Tweaked wedding packages are expected for those who postponed their dates to later this year or even to 2021 with larger spaces and hygienic conditions followed relentlessly. It’s going to be a challenging as well as a growing experience for event managers, having close correspondence to plan impeccable events from food, to decor to guests.

  1. Sustainable Events

Covid-19 has been a wake-up call to many in multiple ways. Now that there is time and plenty of options to consider at length, sustainable brands are expected to benefit extensively during post-lockdown. With the declining mass-market scenario, we hope to see sustainable brands and services to make their grand entrance into large scale events. Weddings and parties held at homes will have us more inclined to use greener options as the prices for such premium goods will possibly have very small price differences with mass-produced items. The world is definitely not going to be the same after this pandemic, post lockdown. Despite all the chaos, this is our fresh slate to make conscious changes, slow down and do better. And there is nothing like a well thought out event to jubilate and make a change. So, stay safe, buckle up and be ready with your post-lockdown entourage!

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