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WeVarga is a niche socio-economic umbrella of multi-vertical startups

We are focussed on problem-solving, products and various services. We relentlessly involve ourselves in a variety of offerings which include export and manufacture, marketing, entertainment, hospitality, consulting and research. With multiple ventures to address various problems, we deliver quality to our clients.


Mega Projects


In-House Brands






Made in India with love to the world
In the US & Europe we import & sell

WeVarga Global is an import-export buying house focussed on providing indigenous products and an assortment of other essential everyday items. We consist of an in-house brand, an export house and a buying house where we exact in supplying products manufactured in India. Collaborating with local vendors and merchandisers, we are a portal of reliable Indian products which are made available on the international export market.

Our aim is to make Indian products and our neoteric creative services a default preference worldwide; one which is viable and functional in the international market. By minimising export frauds, we strive to create a network of native, supreme products and services. With our presence in the USA and Europe we aim to deliver the consumables with comfort and confidence





Film-making and cinematography are one of our many strong suits and we take great pleasure in it. Concepts are given life and meaning through our multiple firms which work under this category. At WeVarga, we craft and promote films which are unusual yet unique and celebrate formidable talent through our film festivals. Our team also works with event media coverage where we capture sublime moments of all occasions - from weddings to corporate events.


Furnishing amicable service with comfortable livelihood solutions is our understanding of hospitality. WeVarga provides a backpackers hostel chain for all those wanderlust travellers looking for a cordial short stay. Our aim is to deliver a jovial arrangement that is clean, safe and refreshing to rejuvenate them for a pleasant journey ahead. We are also managing a restaurant and bar where we provide the best food and bar services in Mumbai and we are in process to expand and reach out to more places with our food and bar chain called High Jack Restaurant and Bar.

We realise the triviality of mass media communication in the absence of effective publicity design and so at WeVarga, we offer services that suit the unique media needs of our clients. Our team also provides end to end branding solutions which are specially customised for startups to ensure that they are equipped with the right communication tools to ace their ventures. The goal is to provide innovative solutions for every simple marketing problem faced by clients.


WeVarga consists of an array of diverse products that personifies our philosophies. Our water bottling process is a part of our initiative to recycle and purify water. We also produce garments and accessories which have the least water footprint - another derivative of ours that we take pride in. Apart from these, we also cater to the fast-paced millennial lifestyle with fast-moving consumer goods.


Problem-solving being the forefront of WeVarga, we engage in practising consultancy. We aim to assist our clients in making the most strategic and rational decisions for their business to multiply their profits. Our services are oriented towards giving professional and expert advice through our team of investment consultants, problem-based consultants and project consultants.


Every problem requires its own unique solution that requires you to think beyond the present and experimented. WeVarga works in researching, persistently developing and bringing together solutions for our clients to every predicament they come across. We fabricate customised solutions that are crafted to fit the consumers’ needs and demands.




Chief Executive Officer

As being part of a design institution in my educational history, with a culture of development and a nack of creative approach from an early stage, which with time turned out to be everyday life. It's better to accept and nourish our mind's capability of creation for a thriving future. 


Chief Creative Officer


Chief Implementing Officer

In the constant loop of learning with slits in time and abundance of space.

Product Designer-Serial Implementor-Story Ninja

Shaping up products and  carrying out projects on ground with conviction like turning the dream of yours, ours into reality


Head - Administration

Head - Communications & Strategy

Assistant - Operations

A bibliophile and strategist, I enjoy working on ways to evolve and communicate ideas. Creating solutions and writing keeps me on my toes so I am mostly seen with a journal, jotting down something or brainstorming. 

Ps. I'm generally a diplomat until you tell me that you prefer a Kindle over paperbacks.

Master of all, Jack of my own thoughts so everything around here or in office is under my supervision and undertaking.

PS. I am easy to talk as I work more than words being uttered

Finance-Administrator-Human Resources

Be it managing the resources or arranging sources to make everything easy around here is what I am responsible for

Ps. I can get onto anyone's nerve for timely delivery of anything and everything


The Umbrella

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